Family Law For Unmarried Parents
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Family Law Counsel for Unmarried Parents

Couples who have children outside of marriage face many of the same stressful situations and tough challenges as parents who divorce. As a single parent, it may be essential for you to establish legal paternity and workable arrangements for child custody and support. If your child does not live with you, action may be necessary to establish a parenting time schedule so that you have regular contact with your son or daughter.

Establishing Paternity · Resolving Child Custody and Parenting Time Disputes

I am Agnes Rybar, a long-standing family law attorney in Toms River who will explain your rights and prioritize your most important goals as a parent. My knowledge and capabilities cover advocacy for:

  • Mothers and fathers who must navigate the steps required to establish paternity (lawful parentage) in New Jersey, typically to obtain child support or the right to regular contact.
  • Parents seeking physical custody or more substantial parenting time due to concerns about the safety and well-being of their children.
  • Unmarried parents engaged in complex disputes over physical and legal child custody, parenting time, support or other issues.

We Emphasize Planning, Negotiation and Cost-Effective Action · Call 732-286-7763

Parents often disagree about what arrangements are best for their children. These issues can be especially challenging when there was never a committed relationship or when communication has broken down. At The Law Office of Agnes Rybar, LLC, you will receive clear guidance on your rights under New Jersey law and viable ways to achieve your goals. We are able to resolve the great majority of issues through productive negotiations or mediation, but Ms. Rybar is a lawyer who will be prepared to fight for you in court if necessary.

We welcome client inquiries and referrals from throughout Ocean County, Monmouth County and elsewhere in South Jersey. If you have questions about family law for unmarried parents, please contact our legal team and arrange a consultation with me, attorney Agnes Rybar.

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