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A Settlement Agreement Can Provide the Framework for Your Life after Divorce

Only a very small percentage of New Jersey divorces go to trial. The time and legal costs people usually incur to reach settlements are wide-ranging. For many couples, the best path to resolution involves carefully drafting a property settlement agreement (PSA) that spells out each party’s rights and obligations clearly.

The term PSA is somewhat misleading, in that a properly drafted settlement agreement addresses all issues that must be resolved in the case, including child custody and visitation, child support and alimony — not just property division.

Let’s Work Together to Obtain the Best Possible Divorce Settlement for You

In my Toms River-based family law practice, I emphasize negotiation and prompt yet careful, methodical steps to minimize emotional and financial strain on clients. Serving as your attorney, I can either draft your settlement agreement or carefully review and analyze an agreement developed by your spouse’s lawyer. Key considerations for you include:

  • It may be advantageous to work with me to draft a settlement agreement before you file for divorce if you have not yet taken that step.
  • While it is often necessary to continue negotiations or enter mediation to finalize a settlement agreement, having your positions and desired outcomes laid out clearly can help expedite these processes.
  • I can ensure that the language in your proposed settlement agreements is clear to all parties in order to avoid post-judgment disputes over its meaning.

Perhaps most importantly, no one should sign a property settlement agreement without first having an experienced, diligent divorce lawyer review it carefully. I am adept at identifying issues that could be challenged and could cause conflict later on.

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At The Law Office of Agnes Rybar, LLC, you will receive honest, practical counsel based on my understanding of your goals and risks. Clients from throughout Ocean County, Monmouth County and surrounding communities benefit from my rigor and care in drafting settlement agreements and addressing all other family law concerns.

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