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Advice for Pre-Divorce Planning

What is arguably tougher than going through a divorce? How about planning to get a divorce? It can be challenging to know that your divorce is inevitable, but to be unsure what you should or should not do (or legally can do) to protect yourself and plan ahead to give...

Time is of the Essence Clauses in Real Estate Contracts

In any type of New Jersey contract, including real estate, you may think that the set date for closing is a vital part of the agreement. after all, sales are usually timed to coincide with life events (like the start of children's school or a job change), and if one...

New Jersey Supreme Court Modernizes Real Estate Contracts

In the world of law, the language of statutes and contracts does not always change with the times. Newer concepts and changes in technology may not be reflected in our laws or agreements, which can cause legal problems when things go sour. Such is or was the case with...

Title Insurance: What is it and do You Need it?

So, you are getting close to closing on your home, and you have received a disclosure with a long list of costs and fees. The closing costs—the money you will have to pay in order to close—is giving you sticker shock. There are fees, and insurances and taxes and...

Texas Man Who had Affair Ordered to Pay $8.8 Million

Affairs that break up marriages can be heartbreaking and devastating to families. To one man in Texas who had an affair with a married woman, his affair also potentially cost him $8.8 million dollars. Damages for Interfering in an Intact Marriage The man was ordered...

Why 2018 is “The Year of the Divorce”

Have you gotten divorced yet? If not, you only have five months left. That is, six months before new tax laws come into play that could affect your case if you wait until 2019 to get divorced. New Tax Laws are Coming Under the current tax law (until 2019), someone who...

Dividing a Marital Home in a Divorce Takes Special Planning

In New Jersey, the marital home can be one of the biggest assets during negotiations of equitable distribution in a divorce proceeding. In many cases, equity or value in a home can be a lifesaver by providing a spouse, or in some cases both spouses, “starter money” to...

The Value of a Survey When Closing on Property

If you are buying a house, you may be surprised to see all the extra charges that go with your closing and into the purchase process. On top of that large home loan you may be getting, thousands of dollars in closing costs may seem unpalatable, and many buyers start...

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