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Understanding Your Mortgage Loan

A big part of buying a home is qualifying for your loan. Qualifying for your loan can seem like a hurdle in and of itself; new regulations are designed to make sure that you do not borrow more than you can afford to pay back, and banks, coming off of being...

When can an Annulment be Granted?

Sometimes the thought of a divorce seems messy, expensive, and time consuming. Maybe you are thinking there should be an alternative to a divorce. How about an annulment? That seems like a quicker, cleaner process. However, an annulment is not an alternative to...

Do Not Wait Too Long to Collect Child Support

It is never a good idea to wait to collect child support. In many cases, waiting to collect child support can lead to losing the ability to collect child support altogether, although these laws vary from state to state. A case earlier this year from California is a...

Should You Spy on Your Spouse?

Sadly, in many contested divorces, there are factual allegations on both sides that are often “he said/she said” disputes. Although gathering of evidence usually will reveal the truth, in many cases, a spouse may like the idea of spying on the other spouse. But is...

The Risks of Losing Homestead Status for Your Property

In most cases when you purchase a home, you know in advance whether you will live in the property, or whether you are buying the property to rent out or flip for a quick sale. In some cases, the role of the property may change over time. Sometimes, people may live on...

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