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Who Will Get the Pets in Your Divorce?

If you are getting divorced, you probably know that the court will make some kind of determination about your children’s living, visitation, and custody schedule. But what about your other “kids”—the ones with fur, feathers, tails and whiskers? Yes, our pets are our...

Should You Mediate Your Family Law Case?

Let’s say that one day your family law lawyer calls you and says that your spouse has offered to go to mediation, to try to resolve the issues in your divorce or custody case, or even in a post-judgment modification case. Do you accept that offer? What are the pros...

What is a Nesting Agreement?

No matter how you divide up time sharing of your children when you get divorced or have a custody dispute, one thing is likely for certain: The child will have a room at both parents’ houses, and will go back and forth between the parents based on the timesharing and...

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