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What is an Easement?

Inspections, surveys, title, and mortgages—all are terms that come up routinely in a New Jersey real estate closing. But one word you do not hear often, but which can affect your property or a real estate closing, is an easement. What is an easement, and how does it...

How Can You Help Your Adult Child Buy a Home?

Although parts of the economy are slow, one area where business is not slow is the real estate market. Sales are up, supply is low, and that means that costs and purchase prices are high. For young people and those starting out, this can make the already difficult...

Important Things to Remember About Marital Debt

In a divorce, a lot of couples fight about who gets what assets, as they should if they do not feel they are getting their fair share. But many couples do not think about marital debts, and who will be saddled with or burdened by those debts. Here are some facts about...

What Happens to the Marital Home in a New Jersey Divorce?

There are a lot of big decisions and big changes involved when someone goes through a divorce in New Jersey. One decision that must be made is what to do with the marital home. For most of us, the purchase of a home is the biggest purchase we will ever make, and the...

Recognizing Signs of Parental Alienation

One thing that New Jersey courts will look at when making custody determinations, or in modifications of custody or visitation, is the relationship that each parent fosters toward the other parent. In other words, courts want to see that mom is supporting dad and vice...

Do Extra-Marital Affairs Matter in a New Jersey Divorce?

Of course, cheating is something that can destroy a marriage. But what part does cheating play in the legal aspects of a divorce? Does the fact that a spouse cheated have any impact on child custody or alimony? No-Fault Divorce As a general rule, the answer to these...

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