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Now Might be a Good Time for That Short Sale

During the economic downturn of the mid-2000s, shorts sales were everywhere. And while they have slowed down a bit, short sales are still used—and because of the 2020 COVID crisis, there is even a benefit to help you complete a short sale, if you act quickly enough....

The Pros and Cons of Balloon Payment Loans

If you are in the process of getting or buying a home and you are getting a mortgage, a mortgage broker or other professional may suggest the usage of a balloon payment. Balloon payments are rare, as the standard government mortgages backed by Fannie Mae and Freddie...

Who is Dad? Establishing Paternity for Unmarried Parents

When discussing child support, custody, timesharing or visitation of minor children, we often discuss these things in terms of a divorce. But not all parents of newborn children are married. That means that paternity cases must be filed, to establish rights and...

Proving Cohabitation to End Alimony Payments

When an alimony award is provided, especially one for long-term alimony (as of 2014, New Jersey has no permanent alimony), it is hard to get that alimony modified, but it can be done. One factor that courts look at when lowering or even eliminating an alimony...

What is a Covenant That Runs With the Land?

When you enter into a real estate contract, you probably (hopefully) read the agreement in full. Like any contract, whatever is in the agreement, you will be bound to and have to follow, and whatever is not in the agreement, nobody can hold you to. But while that may...

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