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Relocating When You Have a Custody Agreement in Place

Life brings us surprises every day. You may get divorced, and agree on a marital settlement agreement thinking you have full knowledge and control over the future. But then something happens, and you find that you need to relocate a significant distance from where you...

What is a Guardian Ad Litem and When is a Guardian Used?

If you are in a custody dispute, you may find yourself saying, or hearing your soon to be ex-spouse saying, “why are we arguing over who is best for the kids—let’s ask the kids themselves which of us they want to be with!” While this may seem like common sense, it is...

What is a Mid-Marriage Agreement?

You have heard of prenuptial agreements, which are signed before the parties enter into a  marriage. You probably know that when there is a divorce, the parties will enter into a marital settlement agreement (assuming they can settle their differences without having...

Challenging Prenuptial Agreements in a New Jersey Divorce

The point of a prenuptial agreement is to have some security that if couples ever need a divorce, the parties know what some of their rights are. By making those decisions in advance, the logic is that there will be less fighting later, and the parties go into the...

What Happens if Parents Disagree About COVID-19 Vaccines?

Nowadays, everybody is wondering when and where they can get the COVID-19 vaccine, and whether there will be enough for everyone who needs it. Some are holding out, for fear of safety or efficacy. What choice to make is up to you, but when it comes to your child, you...

Divorce and Bankruptcy: How do They Interact?

The sad reality is that sometimes, bankruptcy and a New Jersey divorce accompany one another. That does not mean they have to—it just means that often, the financial stresses of a divorce lead one spouse or the other to seek bankruptcy. Sometimes, the fact that a...

Rising Mortgage Delinquency Rates are a Bad Omen

The housing crisis that caused widespread foreclosures in the early 2010s is far behind us, and the risks of economic downfall because of a housing crash are gone…right? Well not so fast. Like dark skies and thunder that signal an oncoming storm, mortgage...

Flipping Houses? Be Aware of Potential Problems

The real estate market has recovered from the housing crisis of the late 2000s (although we do not yet know how the economic downturn from COVID will affect the housing market). Still, with the housing market appearing somewhat stable, people are starting to look for...

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