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Protection of Your Parental Rights in South Jersey

Do you have an opportunity to move away from New Jersey and improve your children’s lives and your own, as a custodial parent? Have you learned that your children’s other parent intends to relocate with them, putting your parenting time and frequent access to them at risk?

In either situation, there is no time to lose in speaking with a lawyer who has extensive family law experience, including a history of success helping people resolve complex child relocation disputes. You can turn to me, attorney Agnes Rybar, with confidence. I will empathize with your concerns and do everything possible to achieve your goals as a loving, concerned parent.

Removal/Relocations Cases and Disputes Are Complex: Let’s Start Planning Now.

Having primary physical custody does not give a parent any automatic or fundamental right to move out of New Jersey with children. Doing so lawfully requires the noncustodial parent’s consent or a court order.

It is essential to know upfront that resolving a dispute over child removal and relocation can easily take six months, a year or longer. A motion hearing might only be the beginning of proceedings, in part because the presiding judge may order an assessment by a child psychologist, as well as a plenary hearing (trial). Therefore:

  • As soon as you begin to seriously consider a move out of state with your child or children, you should discuss these plans with a lawyer as soon as possible. Together, we can formulate the best strategies and discuss possible compromises and solutions such as modified visitation arrangements, reduced child support to offset travel costs, and other concessions may persuade the other parent to give consent for your move.
  • If you have discovered that your children’s other parent is planning to move, it is equally important to work with an attorney right away to understand your rights and begin building your case. I am here to help you make sound decisions and fight as hard as necessary for an outcome that protects your most important relationships.

At The Law Office of Agnes Rybar, LLC, in Toms River, we strive to help people throughout Ocean County, Monmouth County and surrounding areas resolve tough disputes reasonably and cost-effectively. For a consultation focused on your concerns over parental relocation or any other New Jersey family law matter, please call 732-286-7763 or send us an email.

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