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Clear Counsel on Your Diverse Family Law Concerns

If a legal concern involves your family, it touches every aspect of your life. Most family law issues are important for both emotional and financial reasons. When you turn to me, family law attorney Agnes Rybar, you will receive clear, practical guidance based on many years of experience in New Jersey family courts.

Together, we will find the best solutions to concerns you are facing before marriage, after divorce or at another pivotal point in your life. At The Law Office of Agnes Rybar, LLC, in Toms River, we serve clients of all backgrounds and cultures. Our practice is a solid, cost-effective resource for people throughout Ocean County, Monmouth County and elsewhere in South Jersey.

Problems After Divorce? Have Circumstances Changed in Major Ways?

Many issues can arise in the years after divorce that require either modification of an existing order or enforcement action to compel your ex-spouse to abide by your divorce decree. I have extensive experience obtaining modifications of child support and alimony when justified. I can also help you address any concern involving child custody, visitation or a parent’s planned relocation with children.

Do You Need a Prenup? What if You Share a Home but Don’t Plan to Marry?

You may need to consult a lawyer when you are preparing to marry or move in together. Creating a framework for resolving financial matters should you later split up can save you grief and money later, and it is simply good planning for many people. I draft legally sound prenuptial agreements and cohabitation agreements aligned with my clients’ goals.

Same-Sex Family Law

We welcome gay and lesbian couples who wish to dissolve civil unions, draft a prenuptial agreement, or accomplish other goals. If you are an LGBT individual or same-sex couple, I can answer your questions and spell out legal options whether you have a civil union, are currently married or are planning to marry.

Domestic Violence and Abuse Concerns

When clients must confront domestic abuse and need assistance with restraining orders, our legal team acts quickly and decisively to help.


I can clarify rights, options and implications on child support associated with emancipation of a child.

Contact an Experienced New Jersey Family Law Attorney

Whatever your important family law concerns, contact us for a confidential consultation with attorney Agnes Rybar at your earliest convenience. Simply call 732-286-7763 or send an email now.

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The Law Office of Agnes Rybar, LLC, in Toms River, New Jersey, serves clients throughout Ocean County, Monmouth County and elsewhere in South Jersey and along the Jersey Shore, including many in Forked River, Brick and Lakewood.

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