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Do You Need to Enforce or Modify a Family Court Order?

All kinds of changes can occur in the years after your New Jersey divorce or custody matter is decided. Have you suffered a job loss or disadvantageous employment change for reasons you could not control?

Maybe you have learned that your ex-spouse has become better positioned to provide financially for your children and should be less dependent on you. Is your ex-spouse defying a key aspect of your divorce settlement, such as the order to sell the marital home and divide the proceeds? The time to talk with a knowledgeable, empathetic lawyer is right now.

You Have Complex Questions · We Have Answers about Modifications and Enforcement

At The Law Office of Agnes Rybar, LLC, in Toms River, New Jersey, we know that any post-divorce issue can be a big problem for you. I am attorney Agnes Rybar, and you can count on me to listen carefully to your account of your needs and concerns. I will explain your rights under New Jersey law and help you decide what action to take in the effort to put your worries to rest and move forward.

I advise and represent clients across the cultural and economic spectrum of life in Ocean County, Monmouth County and elsewhere in New Jersey. I am familiar with every legal action available to modify or enforce an existing order. My immersion in New Jersey family law can be a critical asset for you in situations involving:

  • Your need for a modification of child support, alimony or both, due to some significant change in your own, your ex-spouse’s or your children’s circumstances.
  • Your need for enforcement of any court order, including action to ensure you receive alimony or child support payments or that your divorcing spouse complies with requirements that are financially pivotal for you.
  • Pursuit of the best child custody arrangement for you and your son or daughter under current or changing circumstances.

Do Not Agonize and Worry About Change in Your Life · Get Informed Counsel Today

It is common for people to wait, worry and hope when a major change occurs after divorce. Please take action instead by contacting me, attorney Agnes Rybar, at 732-286-7763 or via email whenever it works for you.

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