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Get Clear Guidance on College Expenses in Divorce or Afterward

If you have children of any age, but especially kids in their teens, you are probably intensely aware that college tuition and associated costs have skyrocketed in recent years. This can present a major challenge for any family. For people who divorce and for unmarried parents, the issue of who should pay for college is sometimes the source of serious conflict.

New Jersey courts commonly order parents who have sufficient financial resources to contribute to their child’s college education. In fact, our state has been on the forefront of this issue since a historic state Supreme Court decision in 1982. In the case of Newburgh v. Arrigo, the court held that parents’ responsibilities toward their children extend to college education. Today, hearings on this issue are sometimes called Newburgh-Arrigo hearings.

Do You Need Financially Savvy Divorce Representation? Have College Expenses Become an Issue Between You and Your Ex-Spouse?

At The Law Office of Agnes Rybar, LLC, in Toms River, we help our clients address and resolve concerns involving college expenses. Key considerations for you may include:

  • Children are not automatically emancipated at age 18 or upon graduation from college (and most parents’ support obligations do not end at that time).
  • If you are preparing for divorce, it may be critical to define your position regarding college costs and ensure that this issue is covered effectively in your property settlement agreement.
  • If you and your child’s mother or father are engaged in a post-divorce dispute over college expenses, you must take it seriously and should consult a qualified lawyer right away.

Learn Your Rights and Get the Representation You Need to Defend Them

We know that the last thing parents in conflict over college expenses need is a huge legal bill. We consistently strive to resolve financial conflicts within or after divorce through prompt, thorough analysis and negotiation. However, attorney Agnes Rybar is prepared to build your financial case and take it the distance if negotiations fail or break down. For a confidential consultation at a time that works for you, call 732-286-7763 or email our legal team anytime.

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