Divorce is unique in many areas of the law, given the emotion attached to it. Yes, there is always some emotion in many different areas of the law. But few areas have such an impact on our psyches, our well-being, and our mental health as divorce cases do.

That is why when you are planning for divorce, it is good to have not just a legal plan but an emotional plan designed to make the process as stress and trauma-free as possible. Here are some ideas.

Be Prepared

Stress comes from the unknown. You may not know what the end result of your divorce case will be. But you do know the potential issues you will have to deal with when the divorce is filed, and the changes in your life that will come about.

You will be able to lessen your stress by planning for the things you can anticipate. For example:

  • If I have to move out, do I have a place to go?
  • Who will help me move, take care of the kids, or just help me run errands now that I do not have a spouse to help me?
  • Do I have friends or family that can watch the kids while I work?
  • Do I have all the important documents that I may need, in the event that I have to leave the home
  • Do I have duplicates of things my kids may need (clothes, school supplies, game systems, etc.) now that they are sharing two households

Keep Reasonable Expectations

Again, nobody can tell you what to expect in your divorce case. But often, stress comes from expecting one thing and getting something else.

Are your expectations for the outcome of your case reasonable? Having a long talk with your family law attorney as to what reasonable expectations may be, can help you prepare for the future and lessen the hostility and anxiety that you may feel.

Use Technology Wisely

Technology can often lessen the stress and trauma we have in our lives, and in some cases, technology can be a helpful tool.

When it comes to social media, use it carefully. It can be more stressful, if seeing remnants of your married life cause you sadness or anxiety. On the other hand, many social media sites have support groups or help us connect with friends, which may be helpful to you.

There are also many apps that may help you communicate with your ex, in the event that that kind of communication is hostile, stressful, or demeaning to you. These apps can eliminate negative or aggressive phrases.

Getting Professional Help

It is completely OK to get mental health counseling during this difficult period of time. Many people find that it helps them cope with the divorce, and no, a divorce court does nt care and will never judge you on whether you sought mental health counseling through the divorce process.

Contact our New Jersey family law and divorce attorneys at The Law Office of Agnes Rybar LLC today with questions about how to best prepare for your divorce, legally and emotionally.





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