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Let’s Address Any Alimony Issues Strategically

Alimony — sometimes called spousal support — is one of the most intensely contested issues in New Jersey divorce cases. If you believe that you should receive alimony or that your spouse expects you to pay, it is essential to consult experienced legal counsel early in the divorce planning process. You can count on me, Toms River family law attorney Agnes Rybar, to work diligently to protect your financial interests.

Is an Alimony Order Justified? How Much Should Alimony Payments Be — and for How Long?

People who are divorcing or dissolving a civil union must explore their alimony rights and obligations. There are many factors that a judge can consider in:

  • Deciding whether any alimony order is justified and necessary — typically first in the form of pendente lite (temporary) support while your divorce is in process, and then for the longer term.
  • Calculating how much should be paid, for how long, in the form of limited-duration, rehabilitative, reimbursement or open durational (permanent) alimony.

Preparation Is Critical · Consult a Lawyer Who Knows Current New Jersey Law

At The Law Office of Agnes Rybar, LLC, we will take a hard look at your financial situation and help you decide what position to take on alimony. This requires examination of the length of your marriage, both spouses’ incomes and future earning capabilities, past financial contributions to the marriage and many other circumstances. We can also assist you with modification or enforcement of alimony orders.

New Jersey alimony laws changed in some important ways in 2014. Working with a dedicated family law attorney who understands the New Jersey Alimony Reform Act and how it has been applied thus far is the best way to ensure your rights are protected.

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The outcome of divorce negotiations or litigation will affect nearly every part of your life. In all cases, we strive to reach a fair agreement through negotiation or mediation if possible, but experienced lawyer Agnes Rybar is fully prepared to take your case through trial if needed. We welcome client inquiries and referrals from throughout Ocean County, Monmouth County and surrounding areas, so contact our family law team by telephone or email now.

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