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Informed, Reliable Guidance on Child Emancipation and Support Issues

Making child support payments for many years can be difficult financially, and many people understandably look forward to the point when that legal obligation ends. However, it is important to understand that, in New Jersey, this does not happen automatically when your child turns 18 or graduates from high school. It ends upon emancipation of the child, and this may require legal action.

Is it Time for Your Child Support Obligation to End?

I am a dedicated family law attorney, Agnes Rybar, and I can answer all of your questions about emancipation of a child in the Toms River area or surrounding communities. Here are a few important points to take into account:

  • Even if you have a property settlement agreement stipulating that child support ends at 18, this can be legally challenged and declared unenforceable.
  • It has become common for New Jersey courts to require parents to pay or contribute to college expenses, so it may not be possible to emancipate a child who is attending college full time.
  • Emancipation cases are all unique and dependent on the specific facts of your child’s situation and yours.
  • Terminating child support requires either an agreement of all parties or a court order if the parents are unable to agree. I may be able to help you demonstrate to the court in question that your child is no longer “dependent” and has moved beyond your “sphere of influence.”
  • I also assist parents with all types of family law enforcement actions and modifications.

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With the skyrocketing costs of college education and other economic factors that have slowed many young people’s entry into the workforce, concerns involving emancipation have become much more common in recent years. To discuss your needs and goals with me, experienced family lawyer Agnes Rybar, please call or email my office today.

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